From the orderbook page, users are able to get high-level analytics across a variety of charts, such as Sales Scatter, Floor Depth, and Momentum.
Users are also able to add a collection directly to their Watchlist.
Additionally, there is also a live stream of NFTs that were just sold and just listed. For Curio Pro subscribers (see Curio Pro vs. Lite) they are also able to sort the listings by rarity/price in addition to date. The orderbook sales has Marketplace Support for OpenSea, Blur, LooksRare, and X2Y2. The pending transactions show from both Opensea and X2Y2.
Sorted lists showing sales and listings for the collection. Among the metadata you will find rarity percentile, whale wallets, delistings and quick buy functionality.
Users can also see whether complete sales were Offers (denoted with Red WETH logo)
When hovering over a wallet, users can see a high-level overview which includes:
  • Wallet trading duration
  • Top collections held (sorted by $ value)
  • Total wallet value (cumulative ETH value)