Custom Gas Settings

As referenced on the Navigation page, users are able to select their default gas settings directly from any page.
From left to right, the minimized modal shows you the current gas price (denoted in gwei), as well as three pre-set gas settings.
  • Pedestrian - 1.4X multiplier on gas price + 1.5 gwei priority fee
  • Jet - 1.6X multiplier on gas price + 5 gwei priority fee
  • Flash - 2X multiplier on gas price + 20 gwei priority fee
If the pre-set settings aren’t the right fit, Curio Pro users (Curio Pro vs. Lite) are also able to customize their own settings. They are able to choose a multiplier (1-2x) on gas price, whether they’d like additional gas beyond that, as well as what priority fee (miner tip).
Do not forget to click "Apply" to save your custom gas settings if you are using the popup.
Users should proceed with caution when using custom gas settings and should double check their settings before signing and confirming transactions.