Curio can be navigated easily after understanding how the components are structured.
On the left side of the page, there is a navigation bar which allows users to jump across the main viewing categories. The navigation collapses if not hovered on directly.
Above the main view component are the sub-pages within each category.
On the footer of the website, users will find external links to social media as well as their default gas settings for buying/selling. A recent ETH price is also listed for pricing context.
Outside of the main navigation components, users are also able to use the “ / ” command to bring up a search modal where they can navigate to specific collections by either using the collection name itself, or the collection slug. More shortcuts can be found at Keyboard Shortcuts
In addition to collections, users are also able to search for wallets directly. These can be searched for directly by the wallet address or by the corresponding ENS name.
Theme management
Pick a light / dark mode for the entire app in the left navigation sidebar.